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Horses2Excel is an organisation based in Devon providing horse assisted coaching and training sessions designed for personal and spiritual development.

What is horse assisted coaching?

Horse-assisted coaching is a therapeutic intervention accompanied by individual specific goals. It utilises the horse as a catalyst, in order to facilitate therapeutic change in participants. Horse assisted coaching is not about riding lessons as all interactions are ground-based, the focus is on the horse and participants interactions.

Why Horses?

Safety is paramount to horses; more than food, water, comfort and companionship.

When we interact horses want to know who we are, can we be trusted? Will we hurt them? Where do we fit into the pecking order?  Consequently, they are intently focused on us. Horses tune into our energy vibrations in order to get a picture of who we are. For Example: If we feel angry, the horse will sense our state of mind becoming agitated or less responsive to our commands. Because of this we learn to change our inner self in order to build empathy with the horse, in other words the horse acts as a mirror to our inner thoughts, giving us the opportunity to facilitate internal change, improve our communication skills and see more clearly how to develop personally.


Horses & Our Spiritual Mind

Physically and emotionally horses live predominantly in a state of being relaxed and aware, a similar state of mind to what we experience in meditation. Their whole body is in an optimum state of function and they remain present in the moment of ‘now’. Unlike ourselves, we often suffer a constant chatter from our internal dialog, our minds flick from between past and future never really enjoying the present moment.

When we spend time in close proximity to horses, we can experience a heightened sense of well-being, because their electromagnetic field is stronger and more powerful than our own we allow our body’s biorhythms to synchronize with the horses.

Essentially healthy horses do not carry ‘baggage’ in the form of negative emotions and memories, consequently they have a much higher vibration of consciousness energy than we do, and their energy flows more freely. This higher vibration causes any lower vibrations that we carry (e.g. emotional baggage) to become released – allowing energy to flow more freely through us, and self-healing to take place.

Horses heal us on many levels – allowing us to become a more natural expression of our true selves, but also rewarding us with their unconditional love and willingness to engage.


Nutritional Programs: A Holistic Approach


Our nutritional program is designed to enhance and optimise performance, both physically and mentally. The basic idea centres on the perfect human diet, or as close to our naturally intended state as possible i.e. hunter gather principles. Chimpanzees share an estimated 99.4% of their genes with humans. At the same time, these animals possess an extremely strong natural immunity to AIDS, Hepatitis C, cancer, and other fatal human illnesses. Hence if we share 99.4% the same genes, then our diets should be as close to or similar to that of the Chimpanzees. Unfortunately the standard American or Western diet is about 99% different from the diet of wild chimpanzees. For decades clinical research has demonstrated the multitude of benefits from eating more fruits and vegetables in our diet, for the protection against acute and chronic illness. However, intake of fruit and vegetables consistently falls below recommended levels for both children and adults.

Through our nutritional support program, we assess an individual’s current diet with a questionnaire designed to identify possible causes of chronic stress, anxiety or even sleep disorders. After the evaluation we present you with a diet plan, which is designed to complement the horse assisted coaching or further your development based on an individual’s specific goals.

How can Horses2Excel help me?

Programmes are tailored to meet individual needs and requirements setting participants on a path of goal setting and self-discovery.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss examples of programmes.

Coaching Programs

Introductory assessment

The one hour introductory assessment is a good way to meet the horse and get a feel for what we have to offer. We offer this assessment free of charge.

Six week course

Each session builds on the previous session, so attendance at all 6 sessions is important. Practice activities will be offered in between sessions to support learning.

Group size

Group size is kept to a minimum to ensure optimum emotional and physical safety as well as maximum ‘face-time’ with the horses.

No horse experience required.  There is no horseback riding, and horsemanship skills are not taught.  In this program, horses are our learning partners, teachers and healers.


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